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Pasadena Realtor Client Testimonials

Due to an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Pasadena Realtor assisting with South Pasadena home sales and Burbank property purchases, many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my Los Angeles County real estate services.

Your friend and client, Sterling Pile


Now that I have been happily ensconced in my beautiful new home for just over a month, I have had time to reflect on the whole transaction that took practically no time and went so much smoother than I would have ever imagined!

From the day I contacted you about potential rental properties to three days later when I suggested that we might look at a home purchase, you were all over it. Mind you, we didn’t look at a lot of rentals as I changed my mind rather quickly. When I did change my mind, you found the perfect home for me within days!! Not only SPEED in finding the house but SPEED in delivering it! NEGOTIATING on my behalf while displaying HONESTY, DILIGENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM!! From my past real estate experiences, there is no substitute for the service you provided!

I am happy and I am thankful! Be on call because you never know! A rolling stone gathers no moss! See if you can’t alter all the paper work that has to take place I am out of ink although you always have enough pens!


Warmest regards, Toni Petniunas

A few years ago I came to Nancy Elieff with a problem. I was a single mother with an unstable job, living in a tiny one bedroom condo. I told her it was my dream to buy a beautiful three bedroom home in a neighborhood with a good school system, not too far from my son’s father’s house and entertainment industry work. I needed a property where I could keep a horse, too. Something with old world charm. An investment I could deed to my child if anything should happen to me.

Oh, yes, and I had under 300 thousand to spend.

To her credit, Nancy didn’t burst out laughing.

With that famous Elieff diplomacy, she explained me this might be a tall order. Any home with those amenities would most probably cost at least 400 thousand, or be located hours away from the city. But she promised to do her best, and she immediately referred me to a mortgage broker who proved invaluable in arranging financing.

Less than two weeks later I got a call from Nancy. She had located a “fixer upper” in the Burbank rancho district which had been reduced. Driving out in the pouring rain to meet me, we did a walk through and put in a bid. Nancy even managed to turn certain negatives into negotiating points, reducing the price so I was able to do plumbing repairs and earthquake bolting. And, as if this hadn’t been sufficient, she offered referrals to contractors who I invited to bid on some of the other work.

A little elbow grease later, the house, which I purchased for around $279,000 is worth a half a million. I’ve got a nest egg to leave my son, and a nice place to keep my horse.

Now, I’m looking into building wealth and security through property ownership and management. Again, Nancy is deluging me with ideas and possibilities within my grasp. I know a lot of real estate agents – many of them friends. But I would always prefer to work with – or refer – Nancy Elieff to make real estate deals professionally, intelligently and kindly.

Thanks, Nancy.

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